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Are you tired of having a crooked smile and ready to be able to laugh freely again, but afraid of metal braces? Let us introduce you to a highly aesthetic alternative to traditional orthodontic treatment, which offers groundbreaking ways of achieving beautiful, straight teeth: discreet braces.

No metal smiles. Say hello to discreet braces!

Discreet, or aesthetic braces, work in the same vein as metal braces with one difference: they are almost invisible. The appliance is designed so as to blend in with the natural tone of your teeth while keeping a maximum effect.

Discreet braces are usually white or entirely transparent, and made of highly resistant materials such as ceramics or sapphire. Their cost is higher than that of traditional metal braces; they are, however, a great solution for those of you who cannot afford to have a metal smile for professional or other reasons, but are at the same time unwilling to invest much heftier sums in deluxe invisible braces.

4 x why discreet braces

  • Aesthetic solution

Discreet braces are an invisible way to a perfect smile.

  • Unique technology

We work with certified manufactures and we rely on the best products on the market.

  • They will suit any age

Discreet braces are appropriate  for children, teenagers as well as adults.

  • Fastest results

We are able to treat minor malocclusions within 9 months. Usually, the treatment takes 2 years.

What type of braces should I choose?

You can find all types of discreet or aesthetic braces on the market.They differ mainly in their design, quality, materials used to manufacture them, and, of course, their cost. For orthodontic treatment at Perfect Smile we use aesthetic braces from reliable manufacturers with whom we have had the best working experience over the many years.

Dentaurum Discovery® Pearl

The exquisite Dentaurum Discovery® Pearl orthodontic appliance is the result of three years of intensive development in the hands of leading German experts. It presents an innovative and highly aesthetic way to having a perfect smile. These transparent braces will adjust to any teeth colour tone, the highly resistant ceramic material ensures perfect outcome, while the rounded wings don't irritate the mucosae of the oral cavity.

ORMCO Inspire ICE®

Inspire ICE discreet braces offer a revolutionary solution for all those who are not easily satisfied. This deluxe sapphire appliance provides extreme efficiency throughout the treatment. The highly transparent sapphire locks are entirely pellucid, thus ensuring maximum discretion, as they adjust fully to the tone of your teeth. The unique patent lock design guarantees fantastic comfort for the wearer.

Cost of discreet braces

We cooperate with all Czech medical insurance companies and we always offer a fair price. We will give you a full calculation on your first visit, which means you needn't fear any unexpected expenses during your treatment. Prices are ALL INCLUSIVE.

Dentaurum Discovery® Pearl – discreet ceramic braces1 jaw34 470 CZK
 Both jaws60 670 CZK
ORMCO Inspire ICE®– discreet sapphire braces1 jaw35 470 CZK
 Both jaws62 670 CZK
ORMCO Damon Clear 2®
Self-ligating fixed ceramic braces for children, teenagers, and adults
1 jaw37 670 CZK
ORMCO Damon Clear 2®
Self-ligating fixed ceramic braces for children, teenagers, and adults
Both jaws67 070 CZK

All prices include VAT, we accept debit cards and Ticket Medica, Ticket Multi, e-Ticket vouchers, Flexipass, Benefit+ as well as the Ticket Benefits Card.