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Why our clinic?

  • Each client is treated individually.
  • Examination take place in a comfortable surroundings.
  • We use the most modern and the most effective methods during the treatment.
  • 100% confidentiality guaranteed by separate surgery rooms.
  • We always have time to answer all your questions.
  • We also offer deluxe, custom-made orthodontic appliances.

What do satisfied clients think about our clinic?

Dr. Jana Fendrychova and all her team from Perfect Smile clinic i can highly recommend. I chose for my treatment lingual braces WIN, they are made from high-quality material and my teeth are perfectly straight. Doctor Fendrychova is very positive, dear and smiling person, she always gave me advices and explained me all my questions, so everything was clear for me. With appointments i have never had any problems, they always tried to accommodate my needs. During the treatment i never experienced some complications. Great job! Thank you for your kind approach, i am really happy that i chose this clinic. Results are really awesome!
Karolína Bogdaničová